Our Story

What’s in a name?

The name ‘Eversley’ has a long association with quality fruit growing here in Tasmania.

In the 1900’s the Smith’s were a well known orcharding family trading under the name CO Smith and Sons. The Smith’s grew Pears, Apples and Cherries in the south of the state at Birch’s Bay on a property known as ‘Eversley’.

Robert Eversley Smith, grandfather of Eversley Vines owner Shelley, devoted his entire life to the orcharding game and together with his wife Dorothy, raised their 3 children at Eversley House until tragedy struck. In 1967 bushfires ravaged the channel region and took with it Eversley House and all the family had worked so hard for.

Robert (Bob) later made the decision to sell his share of Eversley to his brother and relocate his family to Launceston, settling at Kayena on a property overlooking the Tamar River. He planted out his new cherry orchard and proudly branded it “Eversley Cherries” selling quality fruit to customers at the farm gate and via distributors.

Bob died in 1987 but his ‘Eversley’ legacy lived on with his son Peter and Daughter in Law Loretta who took over the orchard, replanting at Legana. Peter became one of the states most respected and successful cherry growers – retiring from the industry in 2016

So what more could there be in a name?

Eversley returns for a fourth generation with another small step to the left. ‘Eversley Vines’, a move from the orchard to viticulture but still very much connected. Uncle Peter may not have truly retired from the game as he passes forward to the next generation, his knowledge and strong traditions of sustainable fruit growing here in Tasmania.


The property

Eversley Vines is part of a 23 acre property situated in the heart of the Tamar Valley Wine Route which is filled with picturesque Tasmanian Vineyards.

Tucked away up a secluded laneway with views overlooking the river, this partially cleared, rocky bush block, with no access to power or water was originally purchased as a lifestyle property.

Soon it became evident to owners Matthew and Shelley, despite the obvious challenges regarding lack of access to water, power or other infrastructure, that this gentle sloping, north-east facing gem with its soil warmed by dolerite and ironstone was well suited to high quality grape growing.

Surrounded on 3 sides by light bushland and home to an abundance of native wildlife, it is the perfect place to start for two people who love a challenge.


The vineyard

Vines were started onsite from calloused cuttings in 2017 and left to mature in nursery beds while site preparation continued. Our Pinot Noir and Chardonnay clones have proven themselves to be outstanding. Planted out in 2018, Eversley Vines is a true boutique vineyard, consisting of 4000 vines over 1.5 hectares with yields increasing each season.

Plantings of 3 clones of Pinot Noir and 3 clones of Chardonnay have allowed us to make a small range of high-quality, well-balanced wines.

The use of organic-based fertilisers and alternative options to herbicides is Matt’s passion including the introduction of a small flock of sheep who call the vineyard home in the off season.

Matthew and Shelley attend to all pruning by hand throughout the winter and attribute this to the quality of the fruit produced.

Fruits of our labour

The harvest

This is our favourite time of the year.

Twelve months of hard work has led to this glorious day so, like any vineyard, we cross our fingers that the weather is kind and allows us to pick when the grapes tell us they are ready.

Excitement builds on our evening walk through the vines as the sugars reach their target range and we put out that call to our trusty picking crew.

Harvest day is a much-anticipated celebration here at Eversley, bringing together family and friends. The chatter and laughter amongst the vines as we go about the days work is what our vision was all about.

As the truck laden with fruit disappears down the laneway and the sun starts to set, the crew celebrates with the traditional Eversley end-of-season feast.